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Sandboarding in Mui Ne – one of the most beautiful sand dunes in the world

One of the most intriguing activities when join in Vietnam adventure is sandboarding Mui Ne. You will be amazed but an enormous red sand dunes extending endlessly. Recently, sand dunes in Mui Ne have listed in top 11 most ideal sandboarding destinations in the world. Now, there are what you should know before going sandboarding Mui Ne.

1. Mui Ne sandboarding – where is it?

Mui Ne belongs to Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province. It’s located 22km from the north-east of the city centre. This place attracts people by this blue water beaches and giant sand dunes. Mui Ne sand dunes was an old iron mine having existed for hundreds years. Color of the sand varies from yellow, white, grey to read or pink.

mui ne sand dunes

You won’t get bored with sandboarding Mui Ne, because the sand dunes’ shape change every hour. This is because every time there is wind, the upper payer of sand will be blown away. That’s also why sand dunes are an unlimited source of many artists and photographers. They come there every year in order to capture the most stunning moment of sand. And for those who love sandboarding, they have chance to challenge themselves with various terrains.

2. How to get to Mui Ne sand dunes?

This is a famous destination for sandboarding, so you will have wide range of choice to get there. Each way depends on your current location. Choose the best way for you to have enough time and stamina for sandboarding Mui Ne.


If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, a six hour bus is a really good idea. Last time I came there, I took the 7.30am bus instead of 9am one. I had to admit that it was quite early for me, but I could get there at 1pm and had enough time to explore sandboarding Mui Ne before it was getting dark.

Jeep tour

This tour tends to depart in Phan Thiet City at 5am. Therefore, if you are on vacation in Phan Thiet, I recommend you to book this tour. The thing I love about this tour is that you will have a ride on a restored army jeep, which looks so cool. And with jeeps, you have chance to enjoy the air, the Sun and the wind in the real way.

The downside is that you can’t spend hours there on sandboarding Mui Ne because you are joining in a tour and you must follow the itinerary with other visitors. Each tour costs around per person and of course the number of passengers is limited. You should contact your hotel for this tour so that you can avoid fraud.


It sounds crazy??? But it’s fun, I’m sure. You don’t have to spend an hour on the treadmill to be soaked by your sweat. Just 22 mile journey is enough. After finishing this ride, you can feel like you have done an intensive workout.

However, I only recommend this ride for those who want to have intensive training or is moderately fit. This is because when you see the sand dunes, you won’t have enough strength for sandboarding Mui Ne anymore. Plus, the rental bicycle costs you 3$ per day.


I guess this transportation is what you are waiting for from the beginning. With all my experiences, riding motorbike in Vietnam isn’t easy, especially for foreigners. However, the traffic along the coastal line isn’t so busy. Besides, the road is straight and flat as I said, so it’s really convenient for you to ride a motorbike to the sand dunes.

In this case, you can rent automatic motorbike or manual one. Both are fine with the road. I think riding a motorbike will make you become more excited before your sandboarding Mui Ne because of the extreme wind and beautiful scenery along the way. The price for one motorbike is about 8$ per day.

3. Get ready for sandboarding Mui Ne!

Once you get there, let’s get started your sandboarding. There are lots of Vietnamese women with cone hats offer you to rent a plastic sheet for sandboarding. The price for this isn’t specific, especially for foreigners. If you are good at bargain, you can play sandboarding with unlimited time with a reasonable price. If not, you might be overcharged.

Last time, we went in group of 4 people for sandboarding Mui Ne. When we got there, we were asked to pay about 25$ for 20 minutes of using buggy. One of my friend, she bargained down to 20$ and we could play with unlimited time. That was great! And if you go for sanboarding Mui Ne, don’t hesitate to lower the price if you are unsure about it.

There is also a lot of people selling food around, which you don’t need to bring your own food and water. The strange point is that it seems like they all sell hot food which is not attractive at all in the heat of the sand dunes.

4. Any other things I can do beside the sandboarding Mui Ne?

Yes, a lot. Beside of sand dunes, the landscape of Mui Ne is incredible and wonderful. After being exhausted with sandboarding Mui Ne, we were looking for some interesting activities that we won’t never regret.

Walking in the Fairy Stream

It’s a peaceful stream that you can find it not far from the sand dunes. It is surrounded by some strange rock formations that make you imagine they come from outer space. The first thing you should do there is taking off your shoes and feeling the fresh water with your bare foot. You will feel relax when the cool water fondles your toes. And of course, it’s the time for you to refresh after dynamic sanboarding Mui Ne.


This place is also the photography hotspot with the mixture of color: pink, orange and red. I bet you will feel like this place doesn’t exist on earth.

Watching the sunset at Mui Ne sand dunes

If you are too tired of sandboarding Mui Ne and you don’t want to move farther, wait to see the sun set in the sand dunes. In the late afternoon, when the heat is cooled down and the sun isn’t intense anymore, you can get an amazing view of the dunes.

sand dunes mui ne

The whole sand is covered with the color of orange with some sparkling points. And I will feel like you are standing in mystery Sahara. We completed you perfect sandboarding Mui Ne with this spectacular view. If you are a photographer, you should bring along your camera and wait for this marvelous sunset.

5. Tips for sandboarding Mui Ne

I would say that sandboarding Mui Ne is a general activity for all, not a sport. It’s not too difficult or requires lots of special techniques. But there is something you need to pay attention for the best experience.

Safety regulation

Like every activity, you need to keep you safe when joining in sandboarding. First, check your buggy if it’s broken or not. Some rental buggy doesn’t work well, which affect negatively to your experience and your safety.

Protect yourself from the sun

You are supposed to expose directly to the Sun, which harms your skin a lot. The UV rays can burn your skin and cause some lesions on your skin, the worst they can put you at risk of skin cancer. Therefore, applying sun cream and wearing sunglasses are things you need to do.

Keep your body hydrated

The heat of sand dunes can deprive water from your body rapidly. Lack of water isn’t a good feeling at all. Therefore, to maintain your stamina and enjoy your sandboarding Mui Ne, always supply your body with water. You can bring your own water or buy a bottle of water there.

Be careful with prices

There is a huge difference between Vietnamese currency and foreign one, so be careful when buying things or any services. Some people are very friendly and willing to help but others can ask you to pay higher price than normal. The best way is check prices before renting or buying things or use the services of your hotel.

That’s all about sandboarding Mui Ne you should know. I’m sure that this will be your unforgettable trip with full of joy. I know that experience of each person is different, do if you have any information want to share about sanboarding Mui Ne, leave your comments.

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